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The American Merchant Marine,  American Merchant Marine Veterans (AMMV)
and the Sacramento Valley Chapter of AMMV.

In peace and war, the Merchant Marine provides sea transport vital to our economy and for
movement of war equipment and military personnel.  In wartime, Merchant Mariners are
trained to be warriors to protect their cargo and to keep the lifeline of supplies unbroken.  
Ably fighting alongside the Navy Armed Guard to contest submarine, surface and air attacks,
they were at the Normandy Invasion and all other invasions of WWII.  The Merchant Marine
delivered 97 percent of all war materials to World War II fighting fronts and sustained a loss
of more than 1,500 ships.  The extremely high casualty rate, 1 of every 26 men, was the
highest casualty ratio suffered by any branch of Armed Service in World War II.  This fact has
often gone unnoticed.

American Merchant Marine Veterans has chapters throughout the United States.  The
Sacramento Valley Chapter serves California's Sacramento Valley  and surrounding areas.  
Merchant Marine Veterans, who are not members of our organization, are welcome to join
the AMMV Chapter near them.  The Sacramento Valley Chapter meets every third
Wednesday at 11:00 hours for a no host luncheon meeting at the American Legion Post
#447, 720 Santiago Ave, Sacramento.  If you would like to attend or need more information,

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President and Treasurer.......Kenneth Blue
Vice President..........Robert "Bob" Ulrich
Secretary and Regional VP.. Larry Starn

Webmaster................Robert Ulrich  This site is owned, operated and financially maintained
by Robert Ulrich for the benefit of the Sacramento Valley Chapter of the American Merchant
Marine Veterans.  

Merchant Mariners sailed the cargo ships and the tankers of WWII.  The
Mariners who crewed these vessels are all combat veterans.  All U.S. Merchant
Mariners sailed into harms way.  When they left port, they were immediately in
submarine infested waters.   All Merchant Marine veterans served at sea.


From our shores to every theater of war my ships
have carried the troops, guns, planes, and supplies
needed for victory.
In the face of devastating losses, my Mariners never
gave up and always stayed true to our mission:
We will deliver.
No distance was too far and no danger too great to
keep us from our duty and triumph over the
tyrants of the world.
I am the flag of the United States Merchant Marine

by our friend Jim Willis former VA Administrator for the state of Oregon.

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Information about the Merchant Marine of World War 2
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The city of Auburn, California has the longest
running Veterans Parade
in the nation.  At the 96th
annual Veterans Parade in
2014,  Auburn chose to
honor, in particular, the
U.S. Merchant Marine.  
Each Merchant Mariner
who (pic below)
participated was presented
with a beautiful gold medalion.                        

To watch the entire parade ..please  click here.

The above Merchant Marine Veterans of WWII, and others,
participated in the 2014 parade.  Click above to watch the

Maritime Day May 22, 2012 Dedication of the
Memorial Bench at the Sacramento Valley National VA
Cemetery in Dixon, Ca.
The inscription says "Dedicated to the
United States Merchant Marine and its
Mariners who have defended America
since 1775."  For more click here.

Links to films
The Navy rescues Captain Phillips and puts the
Pirates out of here

Sea Stories of WW II here

The Battle of Midway.  Film details the situation,
the ships and weapons available to both the U.S.
and Japan during the historic battle.  Excellent
film and runs about 1 hr and 54 minutes.  Click

Video (in three parts)of ill fated Convoy here.

"Heave Ho", song of the U.S. Merchant Marine
with vocal.  Wait a few
seconds for it to load.   
Speakers on and sound turned up.   Please click

performs at patrotic events and
if you do not have the band
music to "Heave Ho"
the Merchant Marine song, we will
provide it at no cost.
All we ask is that your band perform the
music.   I can send you the complete parts for band via
email... but must discuss this before I send.
 Contact me at

Who wrote "Heave Ho", the Merchant Marine song?  
Answer: Jack Lawrence.  click here.
Why are we doing this?    click here

A group of young musicians.  Video and audio.
Canadian Celtic band salute to the  Merchant Marine. click

The Merchant Marine Academy at Kings here.      

WREATHS ACROSS AMERICA  at the Sacramento Valley National
Veterans Cemetery, Dixon, California and throughout the country every

Rosie the Riveter Lois Boyle  performs "Rosie the Riveter" at the Western
Regional Conference in Reno, Nevada on Sept 30th, 2008.    To hear Lois as Rosie
please click here.  

The term "Rosie the Riveter" was coined during World War II and was
an affectionate term for the American women who streamed into the ship-
yards to help build the Liberty Ships, Victory Ships and Tankers.  These were
the ships that transported the materials of war for our troops and allowed us to
win World War II.

My tour of the Red Oak Victory  click here  

The Merchant Marine at War. to learn about all aspects of the US Merchant
Marine and for a link to numerous other important sites.  Absolutely one of the
best on the here

Our Sacramento Valley Merchant Marine
Memorials and Monuments     click here

The Old Ships
Just a few of the WWII Merchant Vessels remain.   They are open to the public
and give you a first hand look at history.

On the Pacific coast.                                                               

Liberty ship, SS Jeremiah O'Brien, click here  

The Victory ship, the SS Red Oak Victory, no longer active

The Victory Ship, the SS Lane Victory, click here

On the Atlantic coast.

The Liberty ship, SS John Brown, click here

The Victory Ship, SS American Victory, click here

Below are selected pages from our chapter

National Maritime Day, 2015, at the Merchant Marine Memorial at
the Tower Bridge in old Sacramento.

Dedication  Memorial Bench at Sacramento Valley National VA
ns Cemetery Click here

2013..Woodland High School Students meet here

2011..Woodland High School students meet here

Las Vegas conference 2010...some photos of the here.

Memorial Day 2010 VA National Cemetery Dixon, Ca click here

Memorial Day Parade in North Highlands with MM lifeboat here

Vererans Day 2009..some locations and here

Merchant Marine flag to fly at McClellan Veterans Clinic here

Memorial Day Service 2008 Sacramento Valley VA National here

Western Regional Conference in Reno, Nv of 2009..a few here.

My tour of the Red Oak Victory  click here  

Sac Valley Chapter Memorial Day Parade here

Memorial Day Service 2007 Sacramento Valley VA National
Cemetery, click here

Rededicating USS Sacramento bell next to the Merchant Marine
Memorial at the Tower Bridge.   click here

SS Jeremiah O'Brien welcomes Queen Mary 2  click here       .